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For many years, relational databases were the standard in data management. But over the last few years, a new concept has been developed in the world of databases.

Olap !

Perhaps you have already heard of multidimensional databases or OLAP tools. Perhaps you even understand the meaning of this term, which rolls off the tongue very easily in every language, or at any rate more easily than RDBMS or SGBDR (The French equivalent of RDBMS).

Unfortunately, if people talk to you about On Line Analytical Processing, even if you understand English, you probably still have only the slimmest understanding of the potential of OLAP databases.

Starting with a simple example in 8 steps, I am going to build a small OLAP database stage by stage. In less than 5 minutes, dimensions, measures and other aggregations will no longer hold any secrets for you.

It's interesting in theory, but what about in practice? I suggest building the OLAP database in this example, using Oracle Express. If you know relational databases and the SQL language, you will notice that it's completely different ! If you have experience with other multidimensional products, you will be able to make a quick comparison. Nouveau

Nouveau The full site is available in zip format. To download it, you just have to click here. Don't forget to give me a sign using this page !

If you enjoy this example, read on. The following pages are made for you:

For example, you will know more about OLAP. In these pages you will also find a glossary of some terms used in the OLAP world, which are numerous! You will discover that OLAP is on the net, with the links to OLAP vendors and surveys.

Finally, you can send me suggestions, criticism or encouragement, using my email link or the form I provide.

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